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Laundry Day is the most commonly requested scent from The Botanical Candle archive so they are delighted to have it back for the spring. 


What is it about the smell of washing that is so evocative?


Perhaps it's memories of freshly laundered pyjamas after bath time as a kid, or being tucked up in soft, sweet-smelling sheets. The smell of certain detergents can trigger memories of best friends' houses, someone you sat next to in school, or a holiday cottage you spent happy times in as a child.


There appears to be a strong connection between the scent this everyday task carries, and feelings of safety, homeliness and belonging. Perhaps that's why Laundry Day hits the spot for so many people.


A truly fresh, bright and clean fragrance which delivers floral yet soapy notes to any space.


Great in hallways, where you catch the fragrance as you brush past. This is on the stronger end of our scent spectrum. 


  • Top notes: Freesia, Eucalyptus
  • Heart notes: Jasmine, Sea Salt
  • Base notes: Musk, Lily


Made in recycled glass jars with an aluminium lid. Ideal for those avoiding single use plastics. Each candle is blended, poured, finished and despatched from Dorset. 


Burn Time - Small : 20 Hours

Volume - Small : 120ml

Ingredients - Pure Soy Wax, Cotton and Linen Braided Wick, Fragrance Oils


Laundry Day Soy Wax Candle

  • It was Started in 2014 by Amalia Pothecary and James Osborn, The Botanical Candle Co. Ltd is a home-grown business that is founded on the core principles of quality, fairness and transparency.


    From a kitchen table side-line, to an established business in the local community, the team now pour, pack and despatches thousands of candles every month from the studio and shop space in Shaftesbury, Dorset. 


    Working only with 100% soy wax flakes, every single candle is still made by hand from beginning to end. The candle fragrances the team creates are close to nature with un-fussy, recognisable scents which are comforting and familiar. Minimising the environmental impact of the business is at the forefront of every decision made.

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