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Dracaenas are some of the most popular and easiest houseplants to grow.  They thrive in medium to bright light but can do quite well in low-light conditions.



The dracaenas as a group do not like to be overly wet, but evenly moist.  They are sensitive to fluoride in tap water, so if your water has this chemical added, using rainwater or bottled water will prevent the plant tips from browning.


Dracaena reflexa 'Variegata' (v)

variegated song of Sri Lanka

A palm-like erect evergreen shrub with reflexed, sword-shaped green leaves, broadly margined white


Plants make great gifts, and with proper care, they will flourish and grow.  We will always deliver them gift wrapped.


To make this gift that little bit extra special, why not include luxury chocolates. 


We also offer fragrant handmade candles, made from soy wax using only the very finest ingredients available.  Each candle is hand-poured into green glass containers with the addition of carefully selected perfumes.  Our FIG & PARSLEY goes well with the scent of this bouquet - Fresh lemon zest and fig leaf blend with green cassis and willow blossom, softened by blonde woods, musk and amber with a complimenting hint of coconut.




Dracaena House Plant - Reflexa Song of Sri Lanka

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