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There is something special about receiving a fresh bouquet of beautiful locally grown British flowers, for me, it's the fragrance of the individual flowers and herb foliage.


Grown in season on local fields with a natural and organic approach, thereby reducing ‘flower miles’ and the environmental impact, there is always something new coming through, with differing varieties ready to pick.  Supplying only quality blooms.


A lovely gift for any occasion. They also make popular Teacher's Gifts, especially the Jam Jars for the end of term.


We sell them in different sizes, prices and in different containers.


The largest bouquet is the Milk Urn Vase, just a mass of flowers in a useful urn that can be reused for many other purposes.  A slightly smaller bouquet in a glass vase and the popular fresh flowers in Jam Jars, all finished with a Raffia Bow and labelled with messages and names.


British Flowers at their BEST

  • Make sure you have a clean vase to hand to put your flowers in.

    Fill your vase two thirds full with fresh water and add the flower food.

    Unwrap your flowers from the packaging, if you have been given a hand-tied bouquet, leave the twine in place around the stems, otherwise you will lose the design and you will have to rearrange.

    Cut off about 2cm from the bottom of each stem, using a pair of sharp scissors or secateurs.  Cut at a 45 degree angle to ensure your stems have the greatest surface area possible to drink from.

    Remove any foliage which may sit below the waterline as this can cause bacteria to build up in the vase shortening the life span of your flowers.

    When chosing where to display your flowers make sure they are kept away from draughts as well as hot radiators.  Also out of direct sunlight and avoid keeping your flowers next to the fruit bowl as some fruits release a gas that can make flowers fade fast.

    Check the water on a daily basis and top up when needed.

    Every 2-3 days, re-cut the flower stems and fill your vase with fresh water.

  • We offer the following delivery options -

    • Click & Collect - FREE from Mercantile Adventurers in Burgess Hill during shop opening hours 10am - 5.00pm Tues - Sat.
    • Local Delivery - Available on checkout with postcode
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