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For over 70 years Audrey's Chocolates have been making chocolates in Hove, Sussex within their 5 Storey Townhouse, just a few 100 yards up from Hove seafront.  They produce and pack their handmade chocolates and sell in their retail shop.


The Regency Collection Milk & Dark Chocolates


    (Box shown is 340 gram box contains 28 chocolates)

    Store in a cool dry place, do not refrigerate


    A full assortment of handmade; fondants, caramels, nougats, nuts and marzipans, all enrobed in milk and dark chocolate to make this a unique selection of chocolates.

    Audrey's Luxury Handmade Chocolates

    • For over 70 years Audrey's Chocolates have been making chocolates in Hove, Sussex within a 5 storey townhouse, with each floor being used to produce and pack their handmade chocolates, and is also home to their retail shop.

      A dedicated team work together to ensure the chocolates are the best they can be, and it all begins in the basement with their signature fondant creams being made in many flavours still using the traditional method of starch trays.

      Then to the marzipans, ganache, caramels, butterscotch and many more which are made in copper pans or on marble tables, in small batches.

      The next area is where the enrobing machines cover all the centres in dark or milk chocolate, which can be as many as 5000 per day. With each one having its own unique marking applied by hand.

      The team also hand dip the nut selection, from the hazelnut batons, almond clusters and coconut roche which is a skill learned over time and with much patience.

      On the next floor is where the team pack all the different chocolates into boxes still using individual paper cups, giving a wide selection of handmade chocolates which are still made using all traditional methods started over 70 years.

    • We offer the following delivery options -

      • Click & Collect - FREE from Mercantile Adventurers in Burgess Hill during shop opening hours Tuesday - Saturday 10.00am - 5.00pm
      • Local Delivery - Only available for Local Delivery with flower order on checkout with postcode
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